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Anonymous asked:

What kind of things are members not allowed to buy and why?




Jesus is this an SAT question

Members couldn’t buy things at rest stops because there’s 150 of them and it’s typically between 11 pm - 1 am when we roll up and there’s usually only 1 cashier and we would be held up there trying to get everybody taken care of for hours. Hours that can be spent sleeping or rehearsing

I always thought that was silly. I had techs buy me stuff. At BD we’re totally allowed to buy shit

Yeah not being able to buy stuff if weird. We were normally given like 10-15 minutes to get food and go to bathroom. They’d cut the line off at a certain point and if you were at the end they said to either put it back or have someone in front buy it for you.

I remember one time we shared a rest stop with another corps, they weren’t allowed to buy anything. I felt kind of bad, but at the same time it felt really awesome getting in line with Yoohoo’s and hot cheetos.

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